A little update

Hello every one, its been a while since I last updated this blog and I know some of you might be wondering if I am willing to continue running this blog and some of you even forgot that this blog exists. News flash, it does still exist and I am willing to continue running this blog but I want to bring to your attention some of the issues that made me not to update the blog over the past few months.

Honestly speaking I have been struggling spiritually over the last few months and my struggles made me weak to update this blog. I needed time to get in the word and pray for restoration. Thank God for His grace he’s rebuilding me but I still need prayer from my fellow brethren.

Also recently there have been developments in my life that has made it hard for me to update the blog. Most notably my academic career made a few sudden turns which I won’t discuss in detail but I ended up enrolling with Exploits University in Lilongwe. As some of you know, I reside in Blantyre but learning in Lilongwe. I travel every friday to Lilongwe for weekend classes then return to Blantyre on monday. Which means I only have 3 days a week of which am at home but occupied with assignments and studying. It hasn’t been easy for me because often times I get tired of traveling and school work needing rest. This has left me with little time to concentrate on coming up with content for the blog. But I am still committed to continue running this blog and I berg you brethren that you keep me in prayer that despite my busy schedule I should be able to find time to come up with content for the blog.

Also I would like to ask you to pray that the material that I will be posting should all be Christ Centered with sound doctrine. I thank you all for your support, Grace to you all.